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About the City of Irvine, California – The Irvine Company and The Irvine Ranch®

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About the city of Irvine

One of the more interesting communities in the nation. Middle-class plus, home to professionals, researchers, managers, professors and ladder-rising affluent. Many cities in California have a Trader Joe’s. A few have two. Irvine has three; it’s that kind of town.Irvine started off from nothing, cows and corn and oranges to a modern city. Phased development. Crops still grown on many lots until it comes time to move to housing, offices, commercial or retail.“Master-planned” in two senses. The entire city has a plan — housing here, commercial there, stores over here, etc. As tracts are added, they come in with mini-master plans and active roles for homeowner associations. The older tracts are open; some of the newer ones are gated. And with gated comes more responsibilities for the associations.

Intelligent, well-run, pleasant, modern-looking suburb with a touch of glitz, a movie-restaurant complex, Spectrum Center (21 screens),with a population of 202,079. Between 2000 and 2006, Irvine added almost 51,000 residents, a lot by California standards. Irvine expects total to reach 258,000 by 2025.

The Irvine Company is a 140-year-old (since 1864) privately held real estate investment company best known for the balanced, sustainable communities it continues to plan and create on The Irvine Ranch® in Orange County, California.

About The Irvine Company

  • The Irvine Company is one of America’s most respected and diversified private real estate companies.
  • It owns and manages a high-quality investment portfolio of nearly 95 million square feet that includes 116 apartment communities, 484 office buildings, 41 retail centers, and five yacht marinas.
  • The portfolio also contains world-class resort properties including Pelican Hill®, which features 204 rooms and suites, 128 villas and two 18-hole championship golf courses overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
  • Guided by an unwavering pursuit of excellence, the company is highly respected for its stewardship and master planning of The Irvine Ranch® in Orange County, California.
  • Donald Bren is Chairman of the Irvine Company. He oversees a Board of Directors that includes some of the nation’s most accomplished and respected business leaders and former public officials.

About The Irvine Ranch®

Located in the heart of Orange County, The Irvine Ranch® is less than an hour south of Los Angeles and about 90 minutes north of San Diego.

The 93,000-acre Irvine Ranch® stretches nine miles along the Pacific coast, 22 miles inland and encompasses more than one-fifth of Orange County’s total 798 square miles. Within its boundaries lie the city of Irvine and parts of Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Tustin, Orange and Anaheim, plus unincorporated county land and small portions of Santa Ana and Costa Mesa.

The Irvine Ranch® has been under private ownership for nearly 150 years and is considered one of the largest and most successful master-planned urban environments in the United States. It is home to approximately 280,000 people and about that many people work here, too.

The preparation and implementation of The Irvine Ranch® Master Plan was made possible by the commitment to retain the land in its entirety. The Irvine Company resisted intense pressure to sell the land piece by piece to the highest bidders.